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Frequently Asked Questions

Does wind affect the flame or blow the glass out of the burner?
No. However, if the wind is strong enough to extinguish the flame you should not use the table. It is unlikely that the glass will ever blow out of the burner.

Will the table be affected by the weather?
The metal components that are not rust proof are powder coated which protects them against weathering. The century stone product on the Tuscan table has a resilient patented silicone overlay. The granite table is sealed and is not affected by weather.

What is the life span of the burner?
The burner is made out of thick aluminum and stainless steel, unlike a grill burner where rust and grease corrode the burner holes. It will last the lifetime of the table.

How safe is the table?
Use standard precautions dealing with flame and heat. Be sure to advise adults and children regarding hot surface temperatures.

Is the table safe on wood decks?
The tables have components that are similar to a gas grill. There are three back draft valves on the table, and every necessary component is UL listed. There are no embers and the table sits on a very stable base. If the tabletop or table flips over it has a quick disconnect from the burner and gas source, extinguishing the flame.

How many hours does the propane tank last?
Burn time lasts up to 16 hours, while continuous burn time lasts up to 16 hours depending on outside conditions and flame height.

Is the table portable?
The frame is 50 pounds, the burner is 25 pounds and the tabletops are 25 or 125 pounds. The weight, combined with the ease of assembly, makes the table very portable.

How long is the lead time to customize your own table?
Lead times will vary depending on the current demand. Generally lead times are 2-4 weeks.

Can I assemble the table myself?
Yes.  No tools are necessary.  Assembly is quick and easy.

Can the table be hooked up to a natural gas line?
Yes, with a simple conversion piece.

Is the table under warranty?
Yes. See separate warranty information for more details.